Painting and Decorating

We have extensive painting and decorating experience and have a growing customer base throughout Bromsgrove and the rest of the South Midlands and Worcestershire. We only use quality trade materials or if you wish to supply your own paints and wallpaper then we are happy to work to your specific requirements. We always leave our workspace clean and tidy before we leave a job at the end of the day.


The key to successful painting and decorating is in the preparation work, hence our skilled and experienced tradesmen pay particular attention to the necessary preparation work required. Plaster repairs, caulking, priming and undercoating are some of the typical preparation tasks we undertake to ensure a quality finish is obtained.

Emulsion Painting

For Ceiling and Walls, whether you have a specific colour and paint brand in mind or require some guidance on the products available we can advise on range of paint types, whether you are looking for wipe clean, eco-friendly or a luxurious finish.

Woodwork Painting

For Skirting, Doors, Window Sills etc, we can advise on paint type for your particular requirements.

Wood Care

We also undertake wood staining and varnishing to bring out both the beauty of your wood whilst also preserving it.


If you are looking to wallpaper a either a feature wall or multiple rooms, we’d be happy to offer further guidance on lining or wallpaper selection. However, we know that selecting wallpaper is very much a personal choice hence our Customers often select their own wallpaper and we hang for them. Additionally, we can help with measuring and the quantity of rolls you require.

Damp, Stain and Nicotine Treatment

Where there are water stains from say a leaking pipe or perhaps and external wall with a small amount of damp we can apply specialist products to help deal with the issue. Additionally, smoke and nicotine may be something to deal with and again we are able to undertake the necessary preparation and treatment.